Custom and hand-made jewellery, Geelong

We would like to advise that we are retiring at the end of December 2023 so we have reduced all of our stock to sell out before retire. 

Please free to call in to take a look at the stock available and we would be more than happy to offer a sale at a very good price.

Custom design can begin with an aesthetic want or be as diverse as the origin of the components that combine to create a piece of jewellery.

In the beginning, our clients initiate the discussion with as little information as a significant occasion or a drawing/photograph  – or even just a thought bubble… and we go from there.

We offer a hands on approach with our clients and they are free to call in many times (if needed)  to see the custom piece evolving which provides opportunities to have input along the way.

This approach gives confidence that the end result is what our clients are hoping for.

For our clients it can be extremely empowering to have a hand in the design and creation.

For the recipient  there is an appreciation of the thought given to the design which creates the  personal touch.

  • In store we have beautiful handmade jewellery available to purchase – and this also allows new clients to view our high quality and unique jewellery and show cases our diverse and contemporary  design ability.
  • Gift vouchers available – if you are unsure of what you’d like to give, then a voucher enables the recipient to have a little,  or a lot of input in the design of a unique piece.
  • GIA Certified Diamonds.