November 7, 2016Diamond Grading

When making a decision to purchase a diamond it is very empowering to have important knowledge of diamonds, which will assist in buying a good quality stone and knowing it has been ethically sourced.

The most important characteristics of buying a diamond are cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. The Gemological Institute of America Inc. provides a good resource for learning more about diamond grading; a brief explanation follows below.

A diamond’s cut determines its brilliance. This basically means that the better a diamond is cut, the more ‘sparkle’ it will have.

Colour, or colour grade, refers to the lack of colour. The more colourless the diamond, the higher its quality grade will be.

Most diamonds will have tiny imperfections. For a diamond to receive the highest clarity grades, it must have very few or no imperfections.

Finally, a diamond’s carat is specifically a measure of its weight.

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