February 5, 2015

John and Kerri made my experience with Body & Soul stress-free. I was very nervous about having an anniversary ring remodelled, but with John’s experience and amazing enthusiasm for what he does we were able to come up with a beautiful original design which I am very proud to wear.

John kept in contact with me throughout the whole experience – which was great – and finished my ring a lot quicker than I ever expected possible. I regularly receive comments on my ring and am very proud to say where it came from.

I decided to go to John andĀ Kerri after reading other’s feedback on the website. If I can say anything it would be please go and see them, they will make you feel very relaxed and make you feel part of the experience – which meant a lot to me when dealing with something so personal. Again, John and Kerri, thank you so much for my beautiful ring.