October 29, 2020

I took my two wedding bands and 30 year old engagement ring into John to get resized and soldered. My engagement ring was given to me by my mum who had passed before I got engaged so is over 30 years old.  When I showed John he looked over the rings and pointed out some structural weaknesses and that one of the diamonds was loose.  We got talking about what I would change if I could because it is quite old fashioned and it as it sat up very high it got caught on lots of things.  He gave me a number of options of what he could do to use all the materials of my Mums ring  –  including the diamonds, to make exactly what I described, while keeping the style of the ring very similar. We ended up adding a slightly bigger diamond to the middle of the ring –  used Mum’s smaller diamonds around it to make the flower look it originally had,  and then shortened the setting to a height I was happy with.   A few weeks later I went to pick up the finished product and almost screamed in delight.  I cried and couldn’t stop looking at it.  My old/new ring came out better than I could have ever imagined and it was all hand made by John himself.  I cannot recommend John enough to work on any sentimental jewellery you have.  He can keep the same but make it sturdier or can modify to make it yours with the sentimental value.  While I was there I was able to see some rings he has designed and made from scratch as well.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another ring from anywhere else ever again.

As for price- VERY comparable but better because you know it’s not being shipped away for someone else to do.

Thank you Body and Soul for making me the perfect set of rings!