April 12, 2019

With simple care your gemstones will last for you and future generations to enjoy and cherish.

To clean –   soak in slightly warm soapy water and gently dislodge any  dirt with a soft tooth brush and dry thoroughly .

For professional cleaning consult us at Body and Soul Jewellery Geelong for an expert result.

Tanzanite’s and Emeralds should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic.

PLEASE DO NOT BOIL YOUR JEWELLERY!!!!!   this is an absolute no no…..

Remove your precious gemstones when engaging in harsh or messy activities – eg: gardening, housework, cooking, and gymnasium exercise.

When storing your jewellery keep items separate in a container with very soft cloth to avoid unnecessary scratching.

Have settings/stones checked regularly for wear, looseness or damage to avoid losing your precious gems.